The Cost of Anchored Dentures


What is the Cost for Anchored Dentures Supported by Dental Implants?

cost of dental implants anchored denturesIsn’t that the REAL question you want answered right away? How much is this going to cost? At Renew, we are proud to say “The Renew Anchored Denture system is high quality, secure, and reasonably priced!” We are also proud to say that our solution is cost-effective in the long run.

What is ‘cost-effective’? What’s the long-term cost of denture implants?

We get these questions all the time from prospective patients in Denver and Colorado Springs. So, let’s compare Traditional Dentures and the Renew Anchored Dentures solution…

Traditional Dentures:

  • Typically $3,000
  • Denture adhesive required with multiple applications daily
  • Loose and mobile
  • Can produce mouth odor and/or painful sores
  • Limited food choices
  • Acrylic covering the roof of your mouth
  • Can cause bone loss
  • Multiple visits for realignment

If you settled with clunky dentures because you thought they were more affordable… You are missing the math and need to learn about Renew!

The Hidden Costs of Traditional Dentures

Dentures (UPPER & LOWER – EVERY 5 YEARS) $2,999
Adhesives (1 YR) $150
Cleaning Products (1 YR) $150
Relines (ONCE/YR) $300
Adjustments (ONCE /YR) $250
Replacements (2X OVER 15 YRS) $700
Cost over 15 years $24,650

The Renew Way – Anchored Dentures with Dental Implants:

  • Although the Renew Anchored Denture solution is more cost-effective than the 15-year traditional dentures scenario described above, we cannot provide a specific quote because every case we see has its own unique circumstances. Price differences are based on the number of extractions, your specific treatment plan and any potential difficult issues our team has to address. The best way to get a complete picture of costs for an anchored denture (removable denture supported by implants) is to make an appointment for a free consultation. 
  • No denture adhesive required
  • Secure and confident smile
  • Improved Appearance
  • Eliminate health issues associated with failing teeth
  • Minimal amount of acrylic on the roof of your mouth
  • Enjoy favorite foods again
  • Snap in and out when you want
  • Mitigates bone loss
  • High level of service

With all that cash you’re spending to maintain your dentures or failing teeth, you could be enjoying stable implant-supported anchored dentures from Renew!

No more shifting!
No more sores!
No more messy creams!
No more embarrassment!

The long-term costs add up and the Renew Anchored Denture is the most cost effective, quality solution!

What do our Denver and Colorado Springs patients have to say about the cost?

“They help you with payment plans. We make very little money and we can afford them with their monthly payments. My husband looks amazing with them. Set up an appointment and see what they can do for you. Trust us, it is worth every penny.” – Chris-Anna Mathews

More Info on Renew’s Affordability >>

Before you spend another dime on yet another set of ill-fitting dentures, come into Renew for a free consultation to see how Renew’s Anchored Dentures can change your life and save you money.

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As with any medical procedure, costs vary based on the needs of individual patients. The cost data described above is intended only as general information. Before every procedure, we make sure Renew Anchored Dentures patients fully understand their exact cost and what to expect throughout their journey.

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