Daddy Issues: How Can They Affect A Child?


The relationship a child has with their father is
extremely important to their early development. Do you have “daddy issues”
because your dad wasn’t the best parent? Fathers are so important to your development
and to your self-esteem, and when that bond isn’t as strong as it could be, it
can affect your life in powerful ways.

In a week-long series of the Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast,
Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen share personal and enlightening insights about
their own issues with their dads. And they explore how your primary
relationship with your father plays a major role in how you think and how you
behave in your day-to-day life.

In this eye-opening series, you’ll discover:

  • How to understand the way your relationship with your
    father has affected your life
  • Why birth order matters in your relationship with your father
  • How your dad’s mental health/brain health impacts your own
  • Why one of the major themes in Dr. Amen’s psychiatric practice
    is how patients got along with their dad
  • How a girl’s bond with her father greatly affects her
    relationships with other men
  • How an unpredictable or unstable father impacts your emotional brain even years later
  • How having a dad with obsessive compulsive disorder
    affects you
  • How stepfathers can make a big difference in your life
  • Why your memories about your dad may not be completely
  • How seeing your own brain scan can dramatically change
    your perception of your father
  • How to reframe the way you think about your dad
  • Simple strategies to prevent daddy issues in your own children

Listen to the 4-part series on Daddy Issues on the Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast.

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